Supporting your team to find the right path !

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IMFINY is a software development team that enables companies to step up and transform their next technology challenge into success.
From development management, infrastructure migration to training, our experts guide you through the journey. Helping you find the right path.

Tech strategy and advising

We provide advice on a wide range of topics that can be of use for entrepreneurs or CTO, even if it's just to discuss ideas and give an outside perspective.


We offer advising, designing and setting up infrastructure and tool chains. This always come with training so that your team is not left without a clue.

Software architecture

Building a new product from scratch or lifting up an existing one out of scaling or technical debt issues, our experts can help.


We can help founders, or talent teams prepare job descriptions, assess candidates and help you during interviews.


We do training sessions on Ruby, RubyOnRails, Terraform, AWS, CI/CD tools, Git and many others. From one day to 5 days packs to get your team started and up to speed.


We are located in the EU, we can work with companies all over the EU and potentially further away depending on the needs.